Share Pod

Designed by Christopher Metcalfe, the Share Pod is a destination to enable occupants to mitigate environmental influences common in open workspaces.

The sixth design in our Pod series has arrived. Share Pod has been designed to provide meeting spaces for an increasingly flexible floor plate.  Used for informal team or client meetings, or accessing the integrated power/data/USB to deliver media-rich presentations. The new Share Pod’s creative construction makes portability an option and suits clients who don’t want their office interior fixed at a moment in time. Using Phonix the company’s world leading nano fibre acoustic solution, Share Pod can be located close to potential collaborators to improve value creating opportunities.

Share Pod-2



Net Weight
Overall Length
Overall Width
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Dimensions shown as standard. Custom Sizes available on request.

Focus Pod Nanofibre

The microscopic fibres in Phonix™ nanofibre create an incredibly thin, dense web which greatly improves sound absorption levels across a broad range of frequencies.