Share Pod Launch

Jun 02, 2015
Blair McKolskey


Share Pod Launch

IQ’s new Share Pod offers flexibility in the modern workplace.

AUCKLAND NZ 2 June 2015 – IQ Commercial has introduced the Share Pod into it’s growing range of stand-alone units designed to increase productivity in today’s open office spaces. The sixth design in the series, the Share Pod provides a flexible work zone for informal catch-ups, client meetings, brainstorming and easier connection with co-workers.

Following on from its predecessors, the new Share Pod is also covered in the company’s trademark Phonix™ nano fibre. Phonix is a world-leading application of nano fibre as a substrate with proven noise reduction properties.

IQ Commercial began a two-year research and development programme in 2010 into the use of the nano fibre substrate. ATEED assisted the company to link with producers of the nano technology, west Auckland company Revolution Fibres, and IQ now hold exclusive rights to use the product for furniture manufacture globally. And big export deals have followed, with the IQ range now installed in offices throughout Asia Pacific, the USA, Canada and Singapore, with a team of over 200 sales people worldwide.

“No other manufacturer in New Zealand has made this kind of investment and commitment to working with the acoustics industry in furniture manufacturing to address the issues around modern day work environments,” said Blair McKolskey, IQs Director and CEO.

“Many of today’s offices are open plan to harvest the benefits of collaboration and shared value creation. The open floor plate and essential proximity of collaborators is creating an acoustic problem for individuals trying to focus. Our growing portfolio including Share, have a demonstrated acoustic performance aimed at reducing distracting sounds and improving productivity of teams.”

During the research phase, the IQ team developed a 10-point list of principles based that they believe guide productivity in the modern business. These 10 principles are backed by extensive academic research and govern the design program. Published on IQs web and print collateral the company encourages HR, IT and property managers, to review this research-based material and ask some questions during their own office planning process, such as:

  • Are your most valuable collaborators compromised by workforce separation of 30m or more?
  • Do you assume that collaborators know when and with whom they need to collaborate?
  • Do acoustics matter in your office space and are there areas free of distraction available?
  • Do you have expensive bookable meeting rooms for 8 or more, used infrequently by 4 or less?
  • Is your floor plate design reflecting a moment in time or are they organic and able to change as the business changes?

For architects and designers looking to retrofit or design new office space, the Share Pod ticks all the boxes. It has the flexibility to be configured to any size of office space, to include a desk and chair, add a media screen or other technology and the power and USB charge points come standard. It also has compatibility to mix it up with any number of the IQ commercial range of products striking a work balance with productivity and harmony within the open plan office space.

No more expensive meeting rooms for 8 or more (often used by only by 4 or less) the Share Pod is available at a fraction of the cost of a built solution and proudly New Zealand made.