Hush Light Round

Designed by David Trubridge design studio in collaboration with IQ .

Hush is a light, an intimate space, and an acoustic device.

Hung over a meeting table, over work spaces, or over spaces in which to gather for a quiet discussion, Hush is ideal for aiding in softening sound and reducing reverberations.

The lightweight, semi-rigid acoustic panels help mitigate the impact of noise in an open-plan environment. This allows teams to facilitate collaborative opportunities while also aiding individuals to focus – free of distractions. View the Hush acoustic report from the University of Canterbury here.

Manufactured from 100% polyester fibres (including 65% post-consumer recycled material) the material is safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergic.

There are three sizes – round, oval and mini.

Acoustic Lighting Hush


Net Weight
Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
  • Kitset (Self Assembly Required)
  • Installation instructions supplied
  • Box dimensions 1120mm x 510mm x 140mm
  • Packaged weight 7.5kg
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Lighting Options: Replaceable, energy efficient and long-lasting LED’s (714 Lumens, 3800 Kelvin, CRI 80-85) and driver / E26 or E27 cordset
  • Available in 12 colour options
  • Made from 100% Polyester, without chemical binders
  • Manufactured in New Zealand under a certified Environmental Management System
  • Manufactured using a minimum of 65% post-consumer recycled material (PET bottle-flake)
  • Acoustic performance:  Acoustic Testing Report
  • Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic
  • Polyester has been tested and classified as low VOC

Hush Round Dimensions


Hush Light Acoustic

Create a quiet spot in your office. The Hush Light has been tested by the University of Canterbury to have the equivalent sound absorption area of 3.1 sqm at 2500 Hz frequency. It’s the ideal feature light for work or breakout spaces – both fun and practical.




Hush Light Round

Hush is available in 12 colours. Colours shown are indicative only. Please contact us for more information.