About IQ

IQ Commercial uses research and original design to create

innovative new products and furnishings which

enhance workplace productivity. 


Agile innovators and incubators of new ideas and solutions, IQ leads the industry with a design program directly informed by the latest, world-class research.

Focused on the forefront of workplace strategy we strive to enhance business performance by improving employee productivity. Solutions span soft and hard furniture, lighting, acoustic solutions, nanofibre, air filtration and sensor-based technologies. 

Our work and influence can be seen in the leading workplace environments throughout the Asia Pacific region.



our 10 principles

 We’ve identified ten principles 
that when managed effectively, 
we believe, can have
a significant influence on productivity in the workplace. 

These principles deal with the physical, emotional, social, technological and environments of people. We all know that workplace strategy is not static, and for that same reason, our principles will need to be dynamic. 


They are influenced by macro level forces, such as technology sociology and economics. The result is that our principles will evolve overtime and therefore inform our portfolio. 






Enterprise Side Table


Scrum Range

Tribal Mobile Boards

Lunar Focus Pod Lite

Return Focus Pod Lite

Short Tail Focus Pod Lite


Hush – Mini

BIP Acoustic Pendant

Share Pod

Hush – Oval

Hush – Round

Return Focus Pod

Long Tail Focus Pod

Short Tail Focus Pod

Exchange Task Pod

Knowledge Bank

A collection of published research, articles &
white papers that represent our current thinking.


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